वृषभ राशि | Taurus Sign traits – Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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वृषभ राशि | Taurus Sign traits – Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Taurus Zodiac Sun Sign (April 20 to May 20)

General Characteristics:-

Taurus is the 2nd sign of Zodiac belt ruled by Venus. Taurus people value their sense of security and stability. People born with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and tactile. Taurus is an Earth sign just like Virgo & Capricorn and has the ability to see things with practical and realistic perspective. People are connoisseurs of good food and good life. They are loyal and attached to their loved ones. They are happy, patient and sincere in their overall approach. Taurus persons are excellent employees; long term friends, partners and always stay close to people they love. Loyalty is something that is very important to those born under Taurus sun sign. They will be fiercely loyal to friends, family and usually expect the same from others.

Taurus is generally quite stubborn in a lot of areas in their lives. Being naturally patient people, it takes a lot to make these people angry, but be sure to stand back as far as you can when they gets angry. They have a strong dislike for change, and once they settle down with their routines then it’s quite difficult to get them change. They don’t like sudden changes. Ruling planet Venus makes Taurus people love to indulge in pleasures or material comforts but at the same time, these earth sign persons know the value of money and never gets afraid from hard work to earn big rewards. Now if we talk about their finance area or career path, they love money and work hard in order to earn it. When they work on some important projects, they firmly stick to that no matter what happens. Taurus, like in their relationships, can have a problem with staying in jobs that aren’t working out for longer than they really should. This can be due to a sense of loyalty or the fear of change. 

Taurus People Weaknesses: – Materialistic, self-indulgent, stubborn, possessive, lazy and narrow minded.

Taurus People Strengths: – Determined, generous, persistent, tasteful, tenacious and dependable.

Element of Taurus Sign: – Earth

Ruling Planet: – Venus

Ruling House: – 2nd House

Spirit Color: – Pink, Cream

Symbol of Taurus: – The Bull

Lucky Gemstone: – Diamond

Best Compatible Signs for Love Match: – Scorpio, Cancer & Virgo.

Celebrities born under Taurus Sun Sign:-

  • 1. Ron Washington
  • 2. Chris Brown
  • 3. John Cena
  • 4. Cam Newton
  • 5. Sachin Tendulkar
  • 6. William Shakespeare

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