3rd House in Vedic Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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3rd House in Vedic Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

The 3rd house in the horoscope chart is ruled by sign Gemini and the planet Mercury. This house is called ‘’The House of Communications’’ and it rules native’s mind and intellect. 3rd house reveals how you approach and analyze problems. This house shows one’s courage and also the mental inclination of the person and their ability to memorize. 3rd house is related to your creativity, short- distance journeys, younger siblings, neighbors, mental intelligence, TV media, social media, courier service and telephone. Third house also shows native’s early school education, childhood happiness and certificated training. This house indicates the inclination to study while the ninth house stands for higher education, philosophical tendencies and wisdom. Communication in third house is not only about speaking or writing but also subconsciously like telepathic connection between two persons. Malefic planets present in this house can create problems in communication or in the good qualities of this house where beneficial planets gives the best out of all the issues belonging to the 3rd house.

The 3rd House reminds us that it’s okay to use our conscious skills, as well as a more reflective intelligence in order to make our way. This house gives native good ideas of presentation and proposals including sales, marketing and about public relations. This house can makes native a very good writer or blogger and a person who knows many different languages. Depending on which planets are located in the 3rd house can help us to understand more. The various parts of the body that are governed by the third house are nervous system, hands, throat, upper chest, collarbone, arms, breathing canal, shoulders and the right ear.

Remember each planet has different impacts, depending on which house and sign they are placed.

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