Aries Ascendant, मेष लग्न, Aries Rising Sign Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Aries Ascendant, मेष लग्न, Aries Rising Sign Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

The ruler of Aries ascendant is Mars, who has endowed this person with an athletic physique and a youthful spirit. People with Aries Ascendant often walk quickly with their head tilted to the front. They are direct and quick, they get ready quickly, walk quickly, and have less patience. Their first instinct is to do, rather than think. Their body acts before thinking, which can make them great in any profession, sport or hobby that needs quick responses. Warrior planet Mars gives these persons passion and quick impulses but not aggression. People with Aries Ascendant rather trust their instincts and follow what they want without worrying about the outcome. These people love to come out ahead in all that they do. There is a strong desire to lead and win in all their endeavors. Aries ascendant people are simple, honest, straightforward and rarely do you find these people holding grudges. They can have good organizing ability and great command over the people.

Aries ascendant people are a sociable person and enjoy interacting and making friends, but these relationships rarely last long however. They are good host and they love the members of the family, friends and relatives. People stay in their life when they share common interests. When their interests are different, they seek a new company. Regarding health, headaches are quite common with these natives. Eye problems, Rashes and acne on the face and shoulders sometimes occur. And it’s advisable for them not to do adventurous sports and rash driving. Overall health is very good and the condition of their body stays unchangeable for ages, especially if they offer to their ruling planet Mars the necessary amount of energy that it requires through exercise. They should be careful in financial area like reckless investments or in extravagance. They lose money through impulsive actions and their budget always remains as unbalanced.

Lucky Days for Aries Ascendant: – Tuesday, Sunday and Monday

Lucky Colors for Aries Ascendant: – Red, Yellow and Golden

Lucky Numbers for Aries Ascendant: – 3, 6 and 9

Lucky Gemstones for Aries Ascendant: – Red Coral (Any gemstones recommended under the guidance of professional astrologer)

Celebrities born under Aries Ascendant: –

1. John Lennon

2. Penelope Cruz

3. Rihanna

4. Shakira

Remember always that any planet located in Ascendant will definitely change both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native.

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