Gemini Ascendant – मिथुन लग्न – Gemini Rising Sign Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Gemini Ascendant – मिथुन लग्न – Gemini Rising Sign Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Gemini Ascendant is ruled by planet Mercury and this is an Air Sign. These people are strong, active, ambitious, restless, impatient and they are quick in physical expression. They like to ask questions, fond of learning, enjoys expressing themselves and they love to move around freely. They are very intelligent with a lot of common sense and and aware of their surroundings. If they involved with any-kind of education, they make their students interested even in boring lectures. Sometimes they have lack of emotional attachment even when it is required in some situations. Gemini ascendant have strong communication but they use this only to impress others. They are good advisers and can be relied only in the case of emergency. They are very clever as they are inventive, ingenious, progressive, mechanical, energetic and have retentive power. These people move house regularly, create new friendships and change their mind according to how they feel. Those who adapt the change easily get survived and they come out victorious in this journey of life.

They are capable of making friendship very quickly but such relations die due to their fault finding nature. Gemini ascendant people experience their life with both good fortune and misfortune. They support their family and protect their children strongly even after they grown up. Family disputes and disagreement with father can be seen in some situations. Their biggest weakness is lack of concentration and quick decisions. Best professions for Gemini ascendant are researchers, writers, professors, journalism, good detectives, businessman, advocates and agents. As they love to travel from place to place they can do good also in travel agents work. They can be quite diplomatic when going after what they want and they have a natural talent in sales area.

Lucky Days for Gemini Ascendant: – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Lucky Colors for Gemini Ascendant: – Yellow, Green and Pink

Lucky Numbers for Gemini Ascendant: – 1, 2 and 6

Lucky Gemstones for Gemini Ascendant: – Green Emerald & Yellow Sapphire (Any gemstones should wear under the guidance of professional astrologer)

Celebrities born under Gemini Ascendant: –

1. Pamela Anderson

2. Hillary Clinton

3. Martin Luther King

4. Lady Gaga

Remember always that any planet located in Ascendant will definitely change both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native.

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