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Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga in Astrology – Astrologer SK Aggarwal

When Planet Rahu and Ketu conjunct with Planet Jupiter (Guru) in horoscope chart then it calls Guru Chandal Yoga.

Many Astrologers believe that the presence of Guru Chandal Yoga in a horoscope chart gives only bad results to the native but it’s not true. This should be studied properly in native’s chart before reaching any conclusions about this yoga. Guru Chandal Yoga can also give very good results and we can see many people doing great for society having such yoga.

It’s also mention in Vedic Astrology that, Conjunction of beneficial Jupiter and Ketu makes ‘’Ganesha Yoga’’ which gives auspicious results in some cases. Former Indian Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji had the same yoga in his horoscope chart.

The Negative or Positive results of Guru Chandal Yoga depend upon the house in which the Yoga has formed and on the position of Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu in the horoscope chart.

Difference in Nature of Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu:-

Jupiter is an auspicious planet and its gives spirituality, peace, knowledge, generosity, wealth, religious beliefs, stability and growth. Where both planets Rahu and Ketu gives materialistic desire, illusion, sudden wealth, power to our ambition but none of those are stable and doesn’t give long term results.

Effects of Guru Chandal Yoga:-

With this Yoga person can face problems in education and career, he/she may lose jobs and face instability and insecurity. Person also will suffer with financial crises and he/ she will not be able to take decisions. Person makes his own perspective and a particular way of thinking which attracts negativity. Person will naturally be a rebel and this rebellious nature gives setbacks. Person becomes stubborn and face obstacles in the relation of father and son. This person feels difficulty in respecting others and it will be also difficult for him to do work with others easily. Chances of losing reputation, increase the chances of imprisonment and it also gives lot of hurdles in retaining property and money. When Jupiter becomes malefic then it creates mental and health instability and gives health problems like high blood pressure, jaundice, liver problems and constipation etc. Guru Chandal Yoga can trouble, harass, harm or even kill people in the name of religion, caste and other such things. This person also not able to make focus and concentrate on one thing.

As previously I mentioned, well placed and beneficial Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu combination makes native spiritual, enlightened, successful and famous. Therefore Guru Chandal Yoga is not all about bad results and bad things; it can give very good results if these planets work as beneficial planets in horoscope chart.

Results of Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga in different houses:-

1st House Results:-

Person will be lucky in money matters and will be fortunate with wealth. The person will be self-centered and will be selfish and greedy. He/She will have strong desire to succeed in the materialistic things. Person may not have any regard for spiritual values or have less interest in religious rituals. If person have strong Jupiter then he/she will be learned, wise and have good behave.

2nd House Results:-

Beneficial Jupiter makes person wealthy and successful. If Jupiter is afflicted or malefic then it brings family quarrels, mental tensions and financial loses.

3rd House Results:-

Beneficial Jupiter gives courage, confidence and can makes person a leader. Communication can be great. Malefic results creates problems with siblings and can give loss of respect to native.

4th House Results:-

Benefic Jupiter Rahu give properties and houses. Person have good ability in convincing others. And Malefic can destroy native’s peace of mind and can bring family disputes and loss of wealth.

5th House Results:-

Person will be well educated and will be blessed with children if Jupiter is in strong position. Malefic placement can create problems related to children or in pregnancy.

6th House Results:-

Conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in 6th house gives wealth, success and makes native prosperous. Malefic planets gives health issues and person may change their religious beliefs. Person might face problems with enemies or in legal matters.

7th House Results:-

Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction can destroy native’s married life in 7th house. It increase the chances of extra marital affairs. If Jupiter is strongly placed here then person will be religious and follow the spiritual rituals.

8th House Results:-

Beneficial Jupiter will give mysterious and occult knowledge to the native. With malefic placement person face injuries and accidents. Mahadasha of Rahu increase more problems here.

9th House Results:-

In the house of wisdom & religion, if there is benefic conjunction then it makes person learned and respected for his knowledge. Malefic placement break the principles and religious rituals. Native will get wealth through any means. Afflicted Jupiter also makes bad relation with father.

10th House Results:-

In this house person will be wealthy and have successful career. He/She do good in job or in business. Person don’t have much moral values.

11th House Results:-

This placement is good for wealth and money. Native will have money from different sources. Native do great efforts to achieve success. Money can come through wrong ways or can come by inheritance.

12th House Results:-

This position will make the person extremely critical of his own religion and caste or family. He may have his own way of thinking about various things which may not be right.

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