Pisces Ascendant – मीन लग्न – Pisces Rising Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Pisces Ascendant – मीन लग्न – Pisces Rising Characteristics by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Pisces Ascendant is the twelfth zodiac sign, It’s a water sign ruled by Planet Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter gives well-measured luck, good health and a pleasant disposition where Neptune gives them an inner strength and the ability to come up with solutions to impossible situations. These persons are confident, home-loving, sensitive, loyal, peace-loving, generous and instinctual. They are very cooperative, flexible and open-minded. Their personality is changeable and mood swings are common. They can really open their heart and get it touch with others. These people can hold tight secrets and they never reveals that. According to their mascot of two fishes they cannot make up their mind, they will float toward whichever story sounds better until they settle on one, which shows how impressionable they really are. Their dreamy and impractical natures are the source of distress to their near and dear ones. Being a mixture of an optimist and a pessimist they find difficult to make up their minds on any issue.

Pisces Ascendant people are focused on enriching their life by exploring their spirituality and expanding their mental horizons. Confidence of these people is usually lacks because they simply have a tough time to make their mind. There are times when they can be over-anxious and somewhat discouraged or disheartened. Regarding health, these people should be careful from foot problems or feet related injuries, allergic reaction to drugs, diabetes, swelling and from emotional illness. In Family & Love, Pisces Ascendant will remain attracted to the romantic life, prefer beauty of the partner and intellect. They love their children who are also affectionate and successful in life.

Lucky Days for Pisces Ascendant: – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Lucky Colors for Pisces Ascendant: – Red, Yellow and Orange

Lucky Numbers for Pisces Ascendant: – 1, 3, 4 and 9

Lucky Gemstones for Pisces Ascendant: – Yellow Sapphire (Any gemstones should wear under the guidance of professional astrologer)

Celebrities born under Pisces Ascendant: –

1. Robert Redford

2. Princess Caroline 

3. Al Capone

4. Whitney Houston

Remember always that any planet located in Ascendant will definitely change both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native.

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