Sun in 12th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Sun in 12th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

The position of Sun in 12th house indicates that natives are the true seekers of peace and wish to live in an harmonious environment. They believe in possessing a strong understanding and perceiving the depths of worthy aspects. They won’t be friends with everyone around but will share a peaceful bond with the society. If they would be given the opportunity to live in the woods without any company, they wouldn’t hesitate to do that. Sun in the 12th house can make them secret benefactors; they will frequently help others without trying to take any type of credit for their benevolent actions. The natives of this placement of Sun in 12th house would give great endeavor and hard work at every place. Native may interested in the study and practice of fields like spiritualism, meditation techniques, healing of body and mind, yoga, astrology and many other similar fields. They do not like being in the center of attention and usually hide their true self when in public. The Sun in 12th house natives are very criticizing with themselves and feel like no one can understand them. Since the Sun represents the self and the ego, it becomes gradually soaked up in the twelfth house and makes the natives having this placement insecure or not able to identify where or with whom they’re the most comfortable.

The Sun placed here indicates an interest in psychology and the occult. The native will play the role of psychologists towards others even if he is not qualified as one. He will not receive anything in return, and his pieces of advice can be as good as those of a professional. But on the other hand, they will rarely implement the same advice on themselves. It can’t be said the 12th house keeps the strongest Sun because people having this placement in their chart are not good at expressing themselves, being more focused on dissipating the sense of self and on retreating rather than developing according to the external stimuli. That’s why it’s more difficult for them to deal with everyday issues and to determine who they actually are. The placement of Ketu in the 2nd house would bring goodness of wealth and family life to the native besides this, the placement of Venus & Mercury together in the 2nd house would bring admirable heights of success in business & finances. Its advisable for 12th house Sun people, they should think more about themselves than about other people. They must learn how to love themselves more, in order to love others in the right way.

Results of each planet can be different as per its sign, Ascendant or any conjunction with other planet. There should be proper analysis of your chart is required before reaching any conclusion.

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