Sun in 4th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Sun in 4th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Now Sun is in the house of his friend (Moon). Here native may be a kind soul and spiritual in nature and will have good primary and college education. The placement of Sun is here would bestow the potency to the roots of family and cultural norms for which the native would be very much attached to them. 4th house is related to all things domestic – family life, possessions, property etc. 4th house Sun person takes a lot of interest in matters concerning the domestic side of his or her life. Such a person will take good care of his property and family’s welfare and social status. People having Sun in the 4th house believes in continuous growth and betterment and so on their lives keeps improving with time along with the development of their own core while their early days could be quiet struggling besides which, they will always respect their family roots and carry pride for their culture even at the peak of their success. A native with the Sun in the 4th house will plan long-term, and this will definitely bring him success through small steps. Sun gives great boost to the Career via aspect on 10th house. Since 4th house is a house of motherland, so it is possible that mother will have key role in native’s life.

Benefic exalted Sun in the 4th house of a horoscope can also bless the native with good amount of spiritual growth or with growth in some type of paranormal field and such growth may increase and become productive if there are some other benefic influences which support such growth. While you tend to dedicate your life to building strong foundations and associations, there are times in your life when you want to just get away from it all. Apart from this, the malefic appearance of Sun in the 4th house would bring some negative shades to the native as he/she would become covetous and would pursue some immoral paths like thefts in which they would harm others. Presence of malefic Sun in the 4th house of a horoscope can also disturb the married and professional life of the native. Malefic Sun in this position also give trouble related to health due to which some natives under this malefic influence may have to suffer from various health problems and diseases which may be serious. Native may have comforts and luxuries of life, marital harmony depending on the position of the other planets in horoscope. The 4th house tells what will happen in the later part of the life.

Results of each planet can be different as per its sign, Ascendant or any conjunction with other planet. There should be proper analysis of your chart is required before reaching any conclusion.

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