Sun in 6th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Sun in 6th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Sun in the 6th house shows native’s employment. As 6th house also rules the body’s condition, the presence of our bright star will make health matters an important part of the native’s life. Having the Sun in the 6th house might be a tricky placement, especially concerning one’s health. A positive Sun in 6th house helps the native fight off the diseases and build resistance against illnesses. Such natives have good immunity and stamina. While Sun’s vitality and energy is not as forceful here as in other houses concerning health,so any difficult aspects to the Sun might complicate one’s health. But taking cautious in health matters proves helpful. This position of Sun also indicates promotion to a higher and responsible position for the native after continuous everyday efforts. With position of 6th house Sun, it is very difficult to convince such a person to relax and lower the pace of working, as his occupation is linked to the feeling of personal pride, making his self-esteem a priority. There is no bigger satisfaction to such a native than getting praised for what he accomplishes at work. These people are somewhat proud of their work but they should stay away from being over confidence. It is my personal thinking that “No one is perfect in this world” Talking about 6th house Sun native, they are usually admired and respected in their professional area but some people could also become jealous and envious towards them.

These people either have a yearning to be of service to others or become self-invested & strongly need to be served. As the 6th house is traditionally ruled by Mercury, this Sun placement will make him/her invest large amounts of energy into details. They are very much attached to all the things which they have accomplished at their work place for which they are very sensitive for the criticism to their work. The malefic placement of Sun in the 6th house would bring adverse health to the native besides which native’s son and the maternal family would also confront difficulties in life. Malefic Sun can trouble the native on account of professional problems and accordingly the native may not be able to establish himself/herself professionally till late in his/her life. Native with having malefic Sun in 6th house may face bad reputation and litigation in profession, social circle or can face any court decision going against him/her. The placement of Ketu in 1st or 7th bhava along with this placement will bestow the native with son and would bring him/her with strong fortune after the age of 48yrs.

Results of each planet can be different as per its sign, Ascendant or any conjunction with other planet. There should be proper analysis of your chart is required before reaching any conclusion.

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