Sun in 8th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Sun in 8th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Sun in the 8th house gives positive and wiser approach towards life to the Native. These people want to experience more and their desires are both powerful and intense. Which so ever Sun sign is, these people become quite Scorpion in their character. They would lead a peaceful and calmed life. Here Sun creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death and such people are very interested in discovering the meanings of life. Native is drawn towards self-improvement and growth and they are very stable individuals emotionally. Natives with such position keep learning from every aspect of life and are those who won’t be satisfied easily as they want everything to accomplish and attain at its whole. It is hard for them to find satisfaction in common experiences but they have magnetic power if they choose to use it wisely. Interesting thing with position is, these natives are always aware of everything going on around them and people are also unable to hide things from them.

Sun in the 8th house also encourages native towards the occult, mysterious and spiritual fields. These natives are very perceptive and their intuition is usually right. In their later years they get higher knowledge and would attain real inner growth toward supreme truth. People having Sun in the 8th house often benefit from inheritance. This placement also gives the capability to handle money wisely. These people are blessed with higher stature in the social and in the professional area. Where malefic placement of the Sun in the 8th house brings some difficulties like financial crisis, aggressiveness and they become impatient in approach. Malefic Sun gives trouble related to health either during its own Mahadasa or in its Antardasa. Such people often have to suffer from problems with weak eyesight. It’s advisable for them not to focus on the negative aspect of things and bring themselves to a higher level of consciousness.

Results of each planet can be different as per its sign, Ascendant or any conjunction with other planet. There should be proper analysis of your chart is required before reaching any conclusion.

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