Sun in 9th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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Sun in 9th House of Lal Kitab Vedic by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

Sun in the 9th house will gives a vision to see far beyond the picture for which these natives would carry a idealistic approach. A strong possibility of foreign or long distance travel can be seen with this placement. Native also takes interest in learning foreign language and cultures.The Sun can grant native a deep love for travel, making him/her visit a lot of distant places and for a quite long time. People having Sun in the 9th house are tolerant, adventurous and have curious nature. One of the native’s parents can be of a different culture or religion. As this is the house of Higher Education & Knowledge so these natives will be highly curious to attain all the knowledge present around and would be truly philosophical & spiritual in their approach. Natives are proud of their knowledge and of their morals. Their thirst of knowledge is almost insatiable which could be a reason of restlessness sometimes. Sun in the 9th house generates a touch of distrust between or among partners in business, industrial venture, profession or even in criminal activity of any kind.

9th house Sun people enjoys a cordial relationship with relatives of partner in marriage or business. And they may even get help from them in times of need. These natives see all as one, as all are same and they believe to strengthen more with sharing knowledge and learning. Undoubtedly, they are wiser souls with wiser vision towards the world but they could even turn aggressive sometimes. Malefic Sun in 9th house bring troubles from the sides of brother besides which, these people would be wicked and evil in their approach. They face problems from higher authorities or from government officials. Malefic Sun here cause problems in the marriage of the native where he/she go through a very bad first marriage and are able to settle only in their second marriage. It can also give problems related to financial area, profession, health and other problems. Its advisable for 9th house Sun native to avoid anger and adopt softness and warmth in their attitude.

Results of each planet can be different as per its sign, Ascendant or any conjunction with other planet. There should be proper analysis of your chart is required before reaching any conclusion.

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