The 4th House in Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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The 4th House in Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

The Fourth house in the horoscope is ruled by the planet Moon and Cancer sign. Moon represents cultivation and mother is the natural significator of the fourth house in astrology. This is the house of domestic happiness, home and family. 4th house shows native’s mother, comforts, family, house, land, crops, property, real estate, farm house, heritage, and vehicles. The 4th house leads us to our roots and to our childhood where we were nurtured. This house also describes the property inherited from father or mother. Relationship between child & mother, status of mother, nature of mother and health of mother can be seen from this house. The 4th house rules the native’s early childhood, so the parent who is more near to the child is to be ruled by the house. The fourth house is very important house because this is a place where we want to come back (secure home) after being out in the world, like for our good sleep and for other home comforts. It is the place where we return to take rest, to nurture ourselves and feel safe. This house also shows pleasure of mind, any kind of stress, emotional satisfaction, peace of mind and mental condition etc.

Malefic planets gives difficult childhood with a lot of suffering where beneficial planets give a nice early childhood with positive influences. The Fourth house is also responsible for the collective karma of the native’s lineage and influences that his ancestor’s actions have on the whole family. The Fourth house reveals a lot about your religious instincts and also tells whether the person lives close to or moves away from the native place. Fourth house is also related to all that is under earth such as mining, agriculture, construction, oil and it tells native’s hidden nature like inside hidden part of your heart such as romance, love, behavior, rudeness or kindness. The various parts of the body that are governed by the 4th house are chest, breast, heart and lungs.

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