The 8th House in Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

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The 8th House in Astrology Horoscope by Astrologer SK Aggarwal

The 8th House is ruled by planet Mars and by Scorpio sign. The 8th house is all about mystical things, sexual, trans-formative place filled with mystery, wealth through easy gains, other people’s money, death, rebirths, sudden events and highly charged energy. The 8th house is also known as the house of death and once the person has lived the allotted span of their life; all which is related with death such as legacies, inheritance, insurance, wills, gratuity, bonus and the like will be affected. The house indicates whether the person will encounter a natural death or if it will be unnatural such as by accident, drowning, fire, suicide or chronic disease or if the death will be slow, sudden or violent. It also represents the dark side of life, such as the bad karma’s and hidden sources. House of transformations leads native to the transformation of the soul, by purifying it and eradicating bad karma.

The 8th house governs research, addictions, kundalini energy, occult power, knowledge of astrology, longevity and if we master it then we can use its knowledge to unfold enlightenment. If the 8th house is positive and strong in horoscope then it can lead a native to lot of positive outcomes. Native may have a long life and conquered enemies and opposition. It can also give psychic abilities and supreme knowledge of astrology, meditation, paranormal studies, psychology and occult science to the native. Changing in native’s nature is also a part of 8th house. The various parts of the body that are governed by the 8th house are reproductive system, outer sexual organs and the colon area.

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